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Herlegem 45
9700 Oudenaarde

Operational office:

Graaf van Landastraat 61 / 1
9700 Oudenaarde

VAT: BE 461 780 772
TEL.: + 32 55 45 79 01
FAX: + 32 55 45 79 03

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Refrigerated transport

COOL TRAFFIC is a young and dynamic company and guarantees high-quality service provision, tailored to each individual client.

Thanks to a modern and comfortably equipped fleet of around 60 transport units, all of which can be deployed at a moment's notice and all approved for refrigerated and frozen transport, we are able to offer our clients a high-quality transport service, from the collection of the perishable goods at the loading location to the delivery of the products to the final destination.

As one of the market leaders in the refrigerated and frozen transport sector, COOL TRAFFIC sends its “boys” out every day to transport fruit, vegetables, fish, freshly-prepared products, hanging meat, chocolate and other perishable consumer goods all over Europe in ATP-approved cargo spaces that can maintain set temperatures between -30°C and +30°C perfectly. 

Our 60 transport units are all manned by two people and equipped with a mobile telephone, GPS and satellite tracking, so that we can tell you exactly where your cargo is at any time. By making use of service agreements, our lorries, semi-trailers and refrigeration units are kept in perfect working order. 

The lorries are thoroughly cleaned inside and out after every journey using our own lorry-wash system, using appropriate cleaning and disinfecting agents. 

Southern France, Italy, Spain and Germany are the most common "markets" for our transport services. Lorries carrying bulk consignments leave Belgium for southern France every day, and bulk consignments make the return journey each day too.

Competitive delivery times and equally competitive rates are the signature of COOL TRAFFIC!